Saturday, December 31, 2011

Twinkling H2o's

Twinkling H2o's are little pots of shimmering water color paint. We currently have 41 colors available in the store. I tried to pick colors that could be switch with Ranger Distress Inks for a fun new coloring medium. They are not an exact match, but close.

To use your Twinkling H2o's use your mini mister to spray a bit of water on top of the dry paint. Let sit a couple of minutes and then use your tank water brush or other paint brush to grab a small bit of color and then paint. Or they can be blended and mixed on a plate or palette and then used.

The colors are highly pigmented giving you strong vibrate colors. These can be blended with water for lighter shades. LuminArte has developed a color that is ideal for blending, it's called "Oyster" and will lighten the color while still keeping the distinctive shimmer.

Twinkling H20's can be applied using paint brushes - or can also be applied direct to the rubber stamp and stamped on to paper or card stock.

Clean up is simple! After use it is just a case of rinsing paintbrushes and other equipment well in water. Since the colors are highly pigmented staining of paintbrushes can occur, however this is not a problem in normal use. Allow paint pots to dry before reapplying the lids.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Pre-Order 12 New Copic's & Birgitta Blowing Hearts...

Check this cute new CC Design stamp... Birgitta Blowing Hearts and Heart-y Sayings. You get both stamps in this cute Marker Coloring Card Kit. You can choose to color it with either Copic's or ShinHan Markers. I have included color choices for both in the instructions. I didn't make the card up twice but here is a close up what each marker looks like.

Here's the Copic coloring..

And here is with ShinHan...

Copic has announced the arrival of twelve new colors. I will have these on Pre-Order at a special price of $63.00 for all twelve 12-30-11 and 12-31-11. That's just $5.25 each. So order yours early! Don't forget Copic prices go up Jan. 1st..

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hair Color 17,18,19,20 - Copic Markers...

Let's use our gray's on today's Hair Coloring pages.

Hair Color - Copic Markers

The order I colored them:
On top: W9, W7, W5, W3, W1
and: 100, N9, N7, N5, N3

I love the different shades. I don't usually do black hair, but now that I have a reference I'm going to use it more.

Hair Color - Copic Markers

On Top: 100, C8, C5, C3, C1
On Bottom: T9, T7, T5, T3, T1

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How To Use the Bow Easy

Ok so you received your Bow Easy... Now how do you make a bow? It's easy watch the video.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

ShinHan Markers.....

I finally had a chance to play with the ShinHan Markers. I colored the new CC Designs image: Birgitta Blowing Hearts (she'll soon be a kit) last night. I made a color chart so I could see what colors I wanted to use. It's nothing fancy, but if you want one it's on the side bar under Helpful Links.

I think it turned out great considering this is my first time using them. I'm going to have to play with them some more, so I can get a favorites list going. I really like her skin tone: YR132, YR133, R139 I did those colors a couple of times. Click on the picture for a closer view.

If you have any questions leave a comment or email me I'd be happy to answer any.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Copic Coloring 101 Part 2...

Are you ready for Copic Coloring 101 part 2?
How did you like part 1?

Understanding the Copic Color System. These markers blend beautifully, but you need to be able to pick colors that work well together. So they will blend more easily. The numbers and letters on the markers represent the Copic Color System.

What dies the letter stand for? The letter, or letters represents the color family.
For example: 
  • BV - Blue Violet
  • V - Violet
  • RV - Red Violet
  • R - Red
  • YR - Yellow Red
  • Y - Yellow
  • YG - Yellow Green
  • G - Green
  • BG - Blue Green
  • B - Blue
  • E - Earth
  • C - Cool Gray
  • N - Neutral Gray
  • T - Toner Gray
  • W- Warm Gray
  • F - Fluorescent

What about the first number? This is the color saturation. Lower numbers indicate colors that are more pure and vibrant. Higher numbers indicate colors that are less saturated and toned down.

What about the second number? This is the color shade. Lower numbers indicate lighter shades and higher numbers indicate darker shades.

Use the following rules to pick colors that naturally work together and blend well. 
  • First match the color letter(s). Keeping the color family the same. 
  • Second match the first number keeping the tone the same. So let say  R24, R27 & R29 would blend well, but R05 & R35 would take a lot more work to blend. The 0 & 3 are a huge difference.
  • Third pick your color brightness. Using the second numbers. Keeping to with in 2 or 3 digits from each other. Example: V91, V93 & V95. The numbers 1, 3 & 5 are only 2 digits away from the next number.
That's it for this week's Copic Coloring 101. I hope you'll join me next week for part 3.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hair Color 15,16 - Copic Markers...

I'm moving right along on my brunette post it notes. 
Next I think I'll do a couple black hair tones.

Hair Color - Copic Markers

The order I colored them:
On top: E59, E57, E37, E35
On Bottom: E29, E27, E25, E21

My favorite one is the bottom one. Thanks for checking in. 
Have a safe and Happy Holiday.
Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Only 6 Colors...What about 12...

You don't have to have a whole bunch of Copic's to do a cute coloring job. Look how adorable this image by Mo Manning looks with just 6 colors and the blender if you need to fix a mistake. The image is called Tolerance there is also a girl called Patience. I couldn't find it on Mo's store to link it, but I'm sure if you asked her she could find it.

But what if you added 6 more colors making it 12 colors? Look how much character those 6 extra colors add. These 6 or 12 colors would be a great staring point if your looking to start your Copic collection. They are colors I use all the time!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

How to use the My Favorite Thins Rolled Roses Die

Have you picked up your February Copic Coloring Card Kit? Need to know how to do those pretty mini rolled roses? Watch the video..

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hair Color 11,12,13,14 - Copic Markers...

Hair Color - Copic Markers

Hey everyone I thought I would stop in with another hair coloring page. I didn't have time to upload the How To video yesterday so thought I would share another hair page. I think I made it threw most of the post it notes.

The order I colored them:
On top: E43, E42, E30 
and: E57, E55, E53, E50

Hair Color - Copic Markers

On top: E47, E44, E43, E42, E42
On Bottom: E29, E35, E25, E71, E51

I really like the bottom brunette one. I had a request do do a video on these so I'll be sharing that soon. Would you like to color along to? Head over to Saturated Canary and purchase Kate Krafty, A Ragamuffin.

Have you seen the new Whimsy Stamps Magazine? Go HERE

See you tomorrow with the next How To video.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

February Water Coloring Videos - Ribbon Tilda & Sitting Tilda with Teddy Bear

Have you picked up your February Monthly Coloring Kits? The class video's is ready for you to watch...

Part 1 of the Copic Coloring Card Kit...

Head over to the YouTube Channel to watch part's 2 of each. Don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Copic Coloring 101 Part 1...

What do you know about Copic markers? Lets find out a few things about them in this series of blog posts.

Markers Styles
There are four styles of Copic markers to choose from. Regardless of the style, the quality and ink are the same.

Copic Original
214 colors
square barrel
standard nibs: broad chisel and fine
7 other nib options
nesting caps
color code written on each cap
airbush system compatible
empty markers available

346 colors
oval barrel
standard nibs: medium broad chisel and super brush
1 other optional nib
color code written on each cap
airbrush system compatible
empty markers available

180 colors
round barrel
standard nibs: medium broad chisel and super brush
1 other nib option
color code written on the side of each marker
nesting caps

36 colors
flat barrel
21mm angled nib
1 other nib option
empty markers available
nesting caps
color code written on cap

My personal favorite is the Copic Sketch marker 
I love that the color code is on the cap and that it comes in 346 colors. 
I also like the Fine nib on the Copic Original. 
The Sketch would be perfect for me if it had the Super Brush nib and the Fine nib. 
Copic Wide is great for filling in large areas. Like sky and ground. 
Copic Ciao not as expensive as the Sketch, but I hate the color code on the side.
 Having the color code on the cap like the others would be ideal.

That should get you thinking about what Copic markers you might like to have.
See you next week for Part 2.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hair Color 9,10 - Copic Markers...

Hair Color - Copic Markers

The order I colored them:
On Top: E18, E09, E08, E01
On Bottom: E19, E17, E15, E13

I really like both of these. Glad I stumbled across them. I would never have tried these unless I had. I'm usually a blonde or brunette hair tone girl. I can see me using more of either of these colors in my coloring from now on.
You can find the image I used over at Saturated Canary. Krista has some wonderful images!
Stay tuned for more colors I still have a bunch left to try out.

Friday, December 16, 2011

February Monthly Kits - Sitting Tilda with Teddy Bear & Ribbon Tilda

Are you ready for the new Monthly Kits? This month's coloring card kits come with all the great stuff you usually get, but I've included a little something extra in each kit. You'll have to go check them out to see what.

This month's Monthly Coloring Card Kits feature Magnolia stamps!

The Copic Coloring Card Kit has Sitting Tilda with Teddy Bear. I've used Whimsy's Vines die and My Favorite Things Mini Rolled Roses & Dizzy Doily (I've reordered this) Die. I'll be doing a How To Video on the rolled roses. Yes you have to cut Tilda out, but doesn't she look fabulous sitting on the edge of those circles!

Class: February 4th 12-3
Bring to class:
  • Adhesive
  • Non-Stick Craft Mat
  • January Copic Coloring Card Kit
  • Copic Markers (See kit list)

The Water Coloring Card Kit has Ribbon Tilda. I have again used the My FavoriteThings Upsy Daisy Flower Builder Die. I truly love this die you can't go wrong having it your die collection. I also used the Magnolia Romantic Lace (I'll be ordering this in my next Magnolia order) Die. It's really pretty!

Class: February 4th 3-6
Bring to class:
  • Adhesive
  • Tank Water Brush
  • Non-Stick Craft Mat
  • January Water Coloring Card Kit

Both of these are super cute!! I'll be doing the videos for both of these this weekend. So keep a look out for those. 
I have 9 each of these cuties ready to ship out. No waiting if you order before they are gone. I'll ship them out ASAP.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you've gotten all your Christmas shopping finished. If not I hope you'll be finished soon. Have a great day!

Hair Color 7,8 - Copic Markers...

Hair Color - Copic Markers

On Top: YR24, YR21, Y28, Y21
On Bottom: E37, E35, E33, E31

Yep I'm still coloring those hair post it notes.. I still have a lot to go. 
I have to stop blog hopping and writing all of them down. 
The blonde one is ok, but I really like the Brunette one!
I'm working on some red tones now!
You can find the digital image I used over at Saturated Canary.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How To Use the Stamp-A-Ma-Jig

Hey everyone today's How To is all about using your Stamp-A-Ma_Jig. Do you have a stamp-a-ma-jig? I find this a must have item for getting my stamp positioned right where I want it on small areas. Or placing sentiments in the exact spot. Also for masking an object.

Thanks for watching. I hope you find your stamp-a-ma-jig some what helpful. If you have any suggestions for a How To you'd like for next week leave me a comment. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Water Coloring 101 Part 5....

I hope you've learned a couple of things so far. Today we are going to learn how wet is your brush and is it too much or too little water. Should my brush look like this? How much ink are you using? Too much, too little?

Hope you liked the video, don't forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE..

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Give Away Time...

This post will stay at the top until 12-10-11. Scroll down for newer posts..

Hey everyone how about a give away... I accidentally cut out an extra kit. You'll get enough supplies to make three of the cards pictured and one used  Baby Jesus & Angel stamp from CC Designs. I only stamped it a couple of time so I could color the examples. It's a water coloring kit, but you could easily make it Copic. I already posted the alternate coloring instructions here on the blog. See label Alternate Coloring.

All you have to do is leave me comment below and check back next Sunday (12-11-11) to see if your the winner. If you have a blog you could also pass my giveaway on to others..

Have a great day. Good Luck!!

Hair Color 5,6 - Copic Markers...

Hair Color - Copic Markers

The order I colored them:
On top: E33, E31, YR21, Y13
On Bottom: Y28, YR21, Y21

I had time to do a couple more hair color from my pile of post it notes. I can't believe how many there still are. You can find the cute digital image over at Saturated Canary. I hope your having a great weekend!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Hair Color 1,2,3,4 - Copic Markers...

Hair Color - Copic Markers

Yesterday I was playing around in Paint Shop Pro and thought I would make you some coloring sheets. I have a big pile of post it's with hair colors I've written down, but haven't taken the time to color them yet. So I though hey I'll get started on that. I colored them all the same way.

The order I colored them:
On top we have: Y28, Y26, Y23, Y21
and: E55, E53, E51, E50

Hair Color - Copic Markers

For this one we have: E19, YR18, YR14, YR15, YR12
and: E18, E19, E07, E15

I'm thinking of making up a little journal or album to put all the sheets in. Maybe making up a coloring book to put in the store so you could follow along too. What do you think? You can find the cute digital image I used over at Saturated Canary. Krista does wonderful images!

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